About Us

About Us

Vlogging studio deals in capable, yet affordable cameras for video platforms like YouTube, Video, and personal websites, which are ideal for vlogging. Here, we provide all уоu may require to start and excel in vlogging.

And if you have chosen vlogging as your career, we can help you. From most appropriate vlogging cameras, handy camcorders, vlogging know-how to expert advice for vlogging, you are just clicks away from skyrocketing your vlogging performance. Follow our website for periodic updates about what works and what doesn’t in the business of vlogging. And we can assure you, following our expert advice will grow the bottom line of your vlogging multifold.

We have an extensive product list that covers all the leading brands’ cameras, camcorders, and other support gears. We have reviewed our product list so that you can select the best among all there are available throughout the market, suited to your requirements, and produce best in class vlogs leveraging the technology and your knowledge.


About the Author

Nathan J. Cobb graduated as a career physicist but mostly enjoyed his undergrads writing and travel blogging. It was his love for vlogging which eventually got him involved in the camera itself.

Obsessed with white balance, depth of field, and tonal value, Nathan studied digital photography thereafter and made a career spanning 16 years in the field of camera and digital photography combining his knowledge in physics and camera technicalities.

He remains a travel vlogging enthusiast at his core. Whenever he gets a chance, he goes out across continents vlogging his way around cultures.

Follow his opinions and comparisons at Vloggingstudio.com.