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Ever had a dream to be the voice that could reach the world? Or did you have a tough time facing a large swarm of an audience sitting in front of you even though you had so much to share but you couldn’t? Or do you just love interacting with people? Or do you have something to share with people that can help them to make their lives better? What if we tell you that for all of the above things are possible now! How? How to start a Vlog? With an amazingly interactive medium- vlogging! Know your idea, upload it on YouTube, and share it with the world! You are a star!

Vlogging is one of the most interesting platforms to share your thoughts and experience with the world. Vlogging grew multiple folds in the past few years and it has been gaining popularity ever since. Blogs and podcasts are some way to share your ideas and thoughts, but vlogging is a way where you get to connect with your audience in a much interactive way.

How to start a Vlog? – Knowledge and Equipment

Vlogging is an art and a skill that can be acquired. If you wish to be a YouTube celebrity or you just want to give a boost to your business, vlogging is the right tool for you. With vlogging, you can reach a wider range of audience and share your success stories or travel experiences or your expertise in a matter. Vlogging in the arena for creativity!

As much as easy vlogging sounds, there are little steps, tricks, and tips to be kept in mind before entering into the world of vlogging. These steps go a long way creating riveting vlogs for your audience. Indeed, with increasing popularity in vlogging, the competition has also increased. Many vloggers have their YouTube channels, but those who continue vlogging or gain the followers are the ones with some unique identity for their vlogs.

Once a vlog is created it is important to revise and update it continuously. Viewers don’t prefer monotonicity. In this article, we will tell you the step by step process of how to start vlogging. It is worth remembering that the following steps should always be kept in mind especially when you are a novice vlogger. Once you have created a vlog, revise these steps, and explore your creativity that will win you accolades in the form of your fan following! So let’s get started!

Step 1 Brainstorm

What is it that you want to share with the world? What is it that you are passionate about? These questions are the first step if you want to start vlogging. Do a bit of research on the topics that you want to vlog about. Watch the videos of vlogger who talks on the same topic. What are the key points that bring the audience to them? Is it their style or content or video settings or all the factors? Observe. And if you have a brand new idea for the vlog, which is going to put everyone in awe, then you are the winner!

Make sure you don’t end up imitating the vloggers you follow. Taking inspiration is one thing and imitation is the other. The key to a successful vlog is Be Yourself. If you can camera-shy, then talk as if you are talking to friends. If you used to get uncomfortable while looking at the audience, well, problem solved!

If you are an indoor vlogger, it is advisable to prepare a draft for the first few vlogs and make the necessary changes after each vlog, depending upon the response of the audience. Outdoor vlogging usually takes the spontaneity factor into account.

Once you are done with the research and you know what you want to talk about, the next step is the set-up.

How to start a vlog

Step 2 Set-up- Offline

You are ready with your content? Great! Now pondering where to shoot the video? We are here to help you! As this is the next step of how to start vlogging. If you are an indoor vlogger, you must have a distraction-free and a tidy room set-up. After all, no would want to see your room in sixes ad sevens! The next task is to check the light-setting. Ensure proper light-setting in the room before you start recording.

If you are an outdoor vlogger and always on the move, then you have to find a quiet place, good light, and preferably a plain background.

Now the issue of a recording place is solved! Let’s get on to the next! Recording Equipment.

Step 3 Recording Equipments

You are done with the research and you know where to shoot your video. The next part, how to shoot it?

Beginner vloggers usually start with their smartphones. And nowadays smartphones are packed with amazing features to help you with your vlogging. But if you are serious about vlogging, then you should get yourself a nice multi-function vlogging camera. Actually, getting the right recording equipment is the most important step for how to start vlogging.

Many cameras are built especially for vlogging but most of the cameras from the stalwarts like Sony and Canon, are built as stills and video cameras and can be easily used for vlogging. If you prefer indoor vlogging, then it is important to understand your requirements. Are you going to hold the camera in your hand or put it on the table or do you prefer a tripod stand?

And if you are an outdoor vlogger, then you need a compact and travel-friendly camera for vlogging. Something that has good video specifications, light-weight, and easy to carry. To know more about what vlogging is perfect for you, you can check out our article on the Best Vlogging Camera 2020.

Check the audio and video settings of the camera before you start recording. If you are camera shy, practice a little in front of the camera before going online.

So now what remains? You are right! Getting your vlog online!

Step 4 Get Online

This is the vital step of how to start vlogging. You are all set to make your mark on the digital world! Time to get it online. YouTube is the best platform to showcase your blogs as it has so far the widest popularity!

For this, you have to create a YouTube channel by visiting the website, filling up the details, and click on ‘Create a YouTube Channel’. The nest part is the interesting one- selecting the name of the channel and the icon. Most channels by the vloggers have their own name, but you want to get a little creative, then go ahead! Select the name which is unique, funny, and appropriate. Also, your channel icon represents your vlog. Say, you are a travel vlogger, then wouldn’t it be amazing to have an icon of a beautiful location?

When you are absolutely ready with your channel and the content, it is time to market your vlog. The success of any vlog depends on the number of followers it has. Reach out to your friends and family to spread the word! And more importantly, use the popular social network sites like Facebook and Instagram to market your vlog for a wider reach. You can post a link to your vlog or you can also give the glimpses of your next vlogs to increase the curiosity of your viewers.

Also, interact with your audience. Know their views in the comment section and talk to them. That is the best way to maintain your viewers’ base.

Step 4 Practice

It will be so magical if you get the desired fame just after your first vlog. And if no, then you have nothing to worry about. Get new ideas from your fellow vloggers, stay updated with the new trends, and practice! Go to new locations, know more about the place, tell interesting stories to your audience, and explore as much as you can. Catch the first 15 seconds of the vlog and turn it into a masterpiece! All this is possible if you have the real jest of venturing into something new. Vlogging is one such love.

We hope this article on how to start vlogging will help you to start your new vlog and we would love to hear from you.


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